A 35 Year-Old Brittany & The Polar Vortex: A Look Into the Future

Jared Catherine and Shawn Atkins have thawed out from the Great Deep Freeze of 2014 to present to you this brand spankin' new episode of Figure It Out!!!

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This week the guy's had their recording schedule upended by the infamous Polar Vortex that swept across the United States. The guys kicked off this weeks conversation with a breakdown of the freedoms that Ohio affords it's citizens compared to those denied of Pennsylvanians.

Shawn and Jared reveal their secret admiration for Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb of the Today Show. Jared is beside himself when he discovers Kathie Lee's podcast.

As they deal with the cold weather all the issues that come with it Jared wonders how the people of the past managed to bear it while Shawn only looks towards the future. Which leads the guys to wondering what the future will be like when today's young people are elderly.

All this and so much more!

Join us back here next week Shawn and Jared keep trying to Figure It Out!!


  1. Jared, you gotta tell HR about this lady!!! You shouldn't have to suffer through her bullshit food stuff.

    You can't get the custom Little Caesars pizzas at K-Mart. (I think they just heat up frozen ones there. Still tasty though!)

    I can't imagine lifespans getting too much longer. Maybe 110 will become more common? If only Willard Scott was still on The Today Show... he'd tell us all about how long people are gonna live!!!

    hahaha "THIS JUST IN! Kurt Cobain is STILL dead." What news were they sitting around and watching? There was nothing to cover beyond the fact that he was dead.

    1. I dont know i think it was a tribute to him on mtv. Actually my roommate in college thought it was his wife that killed him. I personally think it was his pet monkey Bubbles..er wait.