Figure It Out #23 - Power Supply Blues

Hook or by crook Shawn Atkins and Jared Catherine are back with a brand new episode of Figure It Out!!

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This week Shawn Atkins finds himself beset with some computer problems. Jared has had his share of computer problems and takes it upon himself to figure out just what exactly the trouble is.

The guys discuss the best places in Pittsburgh to get pizza and take a look at some reviews of various small time eateries in the area.

Jared tries to give Steelers tight end Heath Miller a fancy new nickname, but Shawn protests that since Jared is a Dolphins fan he is not allowed to give a Steeler player a nick name.

Jared just wrapped up production on his comic with Brian John Mitchell, Walrus 2 and announces his next project is a collaboration with Shawn Atkins, Squatch Bros. (More on that in the upcoming weeks). Now that Shawn has wrapped up production on Pepper Jones he has his eyes set on adapting an old song called Stagolee.

In light of the recent news regarding the upcoming Justice League flick Shawn makes the case of the DC movie universe using the John Stewart Green Lantern.

The guys examine their thoughts on nostalgia...once they figure out what exactly nostalgia means.

Jared co-opts Shawn's artist of the week segment to feature the art of the super talented Scott Brown! If you're on Twitter go follow him at @essbee71!

Shawn highlights the work of Silver Age artist Bob Oksner.

Thanks for tuning in this week folks! Be sure to check back next week as Shawn Atkins and Jared Catherine continue to Figure It Out!

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