Figure It Out #52 - Swipe Right

Shawn and Jared have convened for another helping of Figure It Out!

This week, Jared and Shawn take a look at a recent article from The Guardian regarding the state of indie comics and throw about their two-cents on the points made regarding indie comics in the article. You can find that article here.

Speaking of comics, Jared is hard at work on the latest issue of the Walrus series with Brian John Mitchell. He and Shawn discuss how that's coming along. You can follow his progress at his Instagram account, here.

On the topic of comics, Jared tosses out a theory that Rob Liefeld is this generation's Jack Kirby. It's a nuanced theory and Jared does his best to break it down.
Say what you will but Liefeld draws a better Superman than Kirby did.

The guys talked about some other stuff too, including a very slight running commentary on the series-finale of Two and a Half Men & this past week's episode of The Flash!
"Not God. GRODD!"

Thanks for checking in this week! Join Jared and Shawn back here next time as they keep trying to Figure It Out!

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