Figure It Out #59 - #TheDickens

Shawn Atkins and Jared Catherine return with a brand new episode of Figure It Out!

This episode was recorded last week, but due to scheduling issues we didn't have the chance to post it until now.

The guys kick off the conservation by touching on the recent kerfuffle surrounding human cartoon character Bill O'Reilly.

The guys swap stories of dealing with the un-seasonal humidity that had been afflicting them that week.

Jared's Incrediman Web Comix recently reached its 100th installment. The guys discuss hitting milestones in web comics and how to go about noting those milestones.

And because it wouldn't be an episode of the Figure It Out podcast otherwise, the guys discuss comic book conventions and whether a cartoonist can only be successful drawing licensed characters or can they get by with just drawing their own comics.
Crystal by Shawn Atkins

The fellas then take a look at comic artists on Patreon and Jared loses his shit finds what people are asking for rather unreasonable. The guys then check out the Patreon page of fellow local cartoonist Barry Linck, who Jared feels is doing it right. Go check it out!

Thanks for tuning in this week! Join us back here next time as Jared and Shawn continue to Figure It Out!

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