Figure It Out #74 - Drawing is Hard

Jared and Shawn stumble their way through another episode of Figure It Out!

This week the guys find themselves rather unprepared to host a podcast. After some scrambling Shawn recalls a story he heard about a sudden rash of YouTube users having their videos being taken due to copyright infringement. They try to make something out of that...

It turns out Shawn had discovered this story while trying to hone his abilities as a story teller by watching some educational videos on YouTube. The fellas then end up discussing honing one's story telling skills and once again discuss their approach to storytelling in comics.
The layout for the page on Jared's drawing board right now.

The Iowa Caucasus results came in during the recording of this episode. Shawn could care less, but Jared keeps tabs on the results as they were coming in. 

Jared attended an exhibition opening at the Toonseum in Pittsburgh this weekend. He relates the tale of his trip to Shawn and recounts meeting local TV personality, Rick Sebak.

Jared's girlfriend, Susan, with Rick Sebak.

Jared tries to understand the point behind Hourly Comic Day and 24 Hour Comic Book Day.

Plus, do other cities have signature foods a la Pittsburgh and pierogies? All of this...and more!

Thanks for checking in this time! Come back next time as Shawn and Jared keep trying to Figure It Out!

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