Figure It Out #76 - The Secret History of Shawn Atkins

Shawn and Jared are back with another episode of Figure It Out!

This week the fellas examine Shawn's migration habits during his life here in Pittsburgh.

Shawn presents his Top Ten Short Films (plus some honorary mentions).

10. Tripping the Rift - There's a whole YouTube channel full of these but here is the pilot.

9. Pyrat

8. Power/Ranger
7. The Tell-Tale Heart

6. ZZZ Top by Aesop Rock
5. Kung Fury
4. Penelope Pitstop GT
3. Aloe Blacc "Femme Fatale"

2. Metroid: The Sky Calls

1. Work In Progress

And rounding out the Honorable Mentions...
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood

Hong Kong Phooey

The Little Match Girl

There you go! Thanks for checking in this week! Come back next time as Jared and Shawn keep trying to Figure It Out!

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