The Premiere Episode Spectacular

Because no one demanded it!!
Sequential Underground's Shawn Atkins and Comic Book Pitt's Jared Catherine have joined podcasting forces to create the aural dynamo that is....FIGURE IT OUT!!
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This week Shawn Atkins lets the world know his true feelings about TV's "Bones".


Jared and Shawn examine the social political undertones of "The Munsters" to determine if Frankenstein monsters are targets for discrimination.
Shawn Atkin's shares his affinity for the early works of William Shatner, namely his work in "The Explosive Generation".
Jared and Shawn are also contributors to the upcoming comic release, "Love + Monsters". The project is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. It's a worthwhile project that deserves your support!

Thanks for joining us for our Premiere Episode!
Check back next week as Shawn and Jared keep trying to Figure It Out!