Slam Roots Chicken!

Shawn and Jared are back again with a brand new Figure It Out!


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This week Shawn explains his methods for coloring his web comic Explorers of the Unknown.
The guys explore the history of the classic comic strip character, The Phantom
Jared finally got around to watching Man of Steel and shares his thoughts. The guys also weigh in on the supposed new Batsuit and what they really think about Ben Affleck. 
* Not the real new Batsuit*
Jared thinks Shawn might be right for a role in the next Star Wars movie.
Finally Shawn introduces Jared to North West Ohio's best kept secret, Roots Chicken.
Love and Monsters, the Kickstarter project Shawn and Jared are involved with, is still going on and could use your support! Give it a look and do what you can!

Make sure to check back in next week as Jared and Shawn continue to Figure It Out!

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