All I Want For Christmas Is Who

Jared Catherine and Shawn Atkins are dropping down your chimney to bring you a Figure It Out Christmas!

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Jared admits his complete disdain for Christmas music which Shawn quickly turns into a Mariah Carey career retrospective.

The guys are surprised how old the Dreamlover video is.

Mariah's Heartbreaker video has Jared waxing nostalgic on the overly produced music videos of the late 90's.

Shawn has fond memories of Mariah's Fantasy video.

The whole show is almost derailed by Mariahs Honey video.

The guys then turn their attention to the trailer for tomorrow's Time of the Doctor episode of Doctor Who, Matt Smith's final episode.

Which leads into a deeper discussion on Doctor Who including some speculation on what type of Doctor Peter Capaldi will end up being.

Then the guys discuss some rather unsavory uses for candy canes.

And finally Jared and Shawn invite YOU our audience to propose topics for us to figure out!! Let us know what you'd like us to figure out by leaving a comment below. You can also get a hold of Shawn (@workshop13) and Jared (@IncredimanDude) on Twitter with #FigureItOut!

Whatever works for you!

See you next week with the New Year's Eve edition of Figure It Out!

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