Kevin & Hobo

Shawn Atkins and Jared Catherine are at it again on a brand new episode of Figure It Out!
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This week, Shawn is fighting a case of the "winter blues". The guys discuss the pesky annoyances that come with applying for jobs.

Jared and Shawn weigh in on the Thanksgiving antics of Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

Shawn and Jared try to figure out some of Pittsburgh's quirks. From the way Yinzers say things to what makes drivers all fall to pieces whenever it rains.

Shawn has been reading a slew of comics from his local library and watching PBS videos on YouTube.

Jared has a deep fascination with WQED's Pittsburgh From the Air series.

Jared and Shawn can't wrap their heads around the news that Leonardo DiCaprio is producing a bio-pic on Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson.

Shawn and Jared wind things down this week with a discussion on challenges they face when coming up with new comic stories.

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