Figure It Out #11 - Old Timey Internet

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Figure It Out!!

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This week Jared Catherine and Shawn Atkins take a stab at doing a running commentary of President Obama's State of the Union speech.

The guys weigh in with their thoughts on the newly revealed look of Peter Capladi's Doctor.

Jared gives Shawn a brief history lesson on his hometown of Williamsport, PA.

Shawn is a fan of the artwork of Kevin Dart.

Jared recommends reading the current Mark Waid run on Marvel Comics Daredevil.

Shawn announces his new collaboration with friend-of-the-show, Brian John Mitchell! Jared recently competed a collaboration with Brian on a unique new comic entitled Walrus, which can be found here.

Thanks for checking in this week folks, check back next week as Jared and Shawn continue to Figure It Out!

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