Figure It Out #12 - God, Glory Holes and Art

Jared Catherine and Shawn Atkins bring the ruckus on a brand new episode of Figure It Out!

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This week kicks off with a frank discussion on God and Science after the online debate between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Creationist Ken Ham.

Since this is Figure It Out, the guys move on to vast array of other topics from Adam Sandler flicks, Kevin Smith flicks and flicks made in Pittsburgh.
"Go, go Gadget umbrella n'at"

Shawn waxes nostalgic for The State...
We're not allowed to embed the same clip the guys watched. You can see that one here.

and Jared relates a sobering tale of his run in with a real life glory hole.
 In case any one doubted Jared's story, here's the article from his hometown newspaper. And in typical Williamsport Sun-Gazette fashion the article has a typo...

Finally Shawn is interested in Jared's artistic influences which range from Chuck Jones to Greg Capullo.

Thanks for stopping by this week folks! Check back next week as Shawn and Jared keep working to Figure It Out!

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