Figure It Out #15 - Gello Shots #16

Oh Sweet Baby Yeezus! We are back...sort of.

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Jared here (Fuck that 3rd person narrative on these things)
If you're the loyal Figure It Out listener you've no doubt noticed we got a bit sporadic over the last two weeks. I recently moved and despite my best laid plans to avoid a lay off the Universe had a different idea. So, instead of airing our pilot episode (Which Shawn is staunchly opposed to, yeah it sucks but I think it adds a certain charm, but whatevs) or having a guest host fill in; this week we're airing an unused episode of Shawn's now defunct Audioshocker podcast, Gello Shots.

We kick off this week's episode by trying to figure out the difference between a critique and a review while Shawn is hard at work on a new Gello pin-up.
 Here's the rough sketch Shawn mentions during the show...

And here's the finished product!

There's nothing wrong with this episode, it's just that the Audioshocker shut down shop before this one could see the light of day. Since I've been busy getting settled into this new joint, bada bing bada boom here you go!

The topic for this episode was supposed to be "Web Comics", the conversation was more or less about our processes when making our comics, Incrediman and Gello Shots respectively. Everything from how we start out writing down our ideas and forming a script to how we schedule our updates.

Shawn talks about re-mastering the old web comic version of Gello when he created the print version, available here.
Go get ya some!!
Here's the drawing I did of Chef Todd from The United States of Bacon

Shawn talks up an on-line comic by D.J. Coffman called The Bigfoot and Tiki Show

Since Gello Shots was also a book review podcast, I reviewed I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason.

And lastly, I pretty much swipe Shawn's idea about a group of super agents named The Agents of Jupiter and run with it which leads to a discussion on what constitutes a co-creator credit and what's just pulling a "Stan Lee".

Thanks for tuning in this week! We'll be back next week with a fresh new episode of Figure It Out!

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