Figure It Out #16 - Lazer Blossoms

Great day in the morning! We are back with a brand new episode of Figure It Out!!
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You may have noticed we had a slight bump in our broadcast schedule a few weeks back. Jared explains the whole story that caused us to get off track for a minute and how we're now back on track.

Jared's pissed off because a book shelf he bought and tried to modify into a shelf for computer components didn't work as planned. He goes on to explain what cheap bastard thrifty spender he is and discusses the the trials and tribulations of getting settled into a new apartment.

Shawn celebrates the anniversary of the World Wide Web and sets Jared straight on the difference between the "internet" and the "world wide web" with assistance from The Today Show's Carson Daly.

The guys recount there trip this week to the Tech Shop for the semi-regular Artists Meetup. An organized gathering of creative types here in Pittsburgh which inspired this week's conversation; are the guys compelled to stay in Pittsburgh or do they want to go live elsewhere.

Shawn breaks the news to Jared that his "oh-so-original" idea for the mini comic he will be debuting at PIX, The Mustache Book, isn't as "oh-so-original" as he may have thought. Speaking of which, come see the guys this Saturday, March 22nd, at PIX The Pittsburgh Indy Comix Expo!

Jared went and saw a comedy show this past week, Davon Magwood. It was pretty good, he'll tell y'all more about it on next week's episode.

In case you haven't seen it yet, Jared highly recommends True Detective on HBO. Which leads to the guys trying to figure out whether or not you watch something "on OnDemand" or are you just watching something "OnDemand". If anyone knows, please leave a comment one way or the other.

Jared cracks a joke that Shawn fears might not be interpreted as a joke which leads to the recounting of the time when Jared offended a blogger at last summer's Little Book Fair who didn't realize an off the cuff remark was meant in jest.

Shawn's weekly distraction from the conversation this week was Super Family Team Up: The Lost Issues on Tumblr.

Join us next week and see if we've been ran out of town yet!

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