Figure It Out #18 - CrackerDick

Jared Catherine and Shawn Atkins bring down the house with an Earth shaking new episode of Figure It Out!!

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The guys kick off this week's conversation with a discussion about their approach to creating their comics and their own artistic techniques. as Jared is starting production on the next edition of Walrus and Shawn is in the middle of his next comic, Pepper Jones.

This discussion on artwork leads the guys into checking out the beautiful artwork of comics artist and all-around good guy, Dave Wachter.

Then the guys take a look at some of the classic comic book monsters that were popular right before the Silver Age era kicked off and superheroes became all the rage again.

Jared explains the premise of the incredibly entertaining Afterlife with Archie and introduces Shawn to the work of Francesco Francavilla. Jared then goes on to cover the recent lawsuit regarding Archie comics CEO Nancy Silberkleit.

Shawn talks about incorporating lessons learned from Neal Adams recent interviews on Fatman on Batman. Shawn also recommends checking out the Welcome to Nightvale podcast.

Jared tells Shawn about the latest X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer. The guys spin this into a conversation on some classic comic book stories.

The guys also touch upon the latest set-photos from Avengers 2: Ultron Boogaloo

The idea of a robot wearing slacks reminded Shawn of a character from the comic strip, Blue Wraith, created by Jared's host from Comic Book Pitt, Dan Greenwald.
Blue Wraith illustrated by Scott Hedlund

Jared and Shawn end up falling down a rabbit hole thanks to a Google image search of "Shawn Atkins".
Not the same Shawn Atkins that co-hosts this show.
Also not the same Shawn Atkins that co-hosts this show.
Thanks for tuning in this week! Check us back here next week as Shawn and Jared keep trying to Figure It Out!

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