Figure It Out #21 - Digging On Ladies From Around the World

You know the drill by now! Jared Catherine and Shawn Atkins are back again with a brand new episode of Figure It Out!!

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Shawn Atkins kicks things off this week with a mighty colorful metaphor to describe Pittsburgh sports.

Jared's feeling a bit lethargic due to some overtime he's been working at his day job. Shawn relates a tale of woe from his day job.

Shawn got to meet, briefly, comics legend Neal Adams at a recent in-store appearance here in Pittsburgh.
The guys are confounded by this week's weather swings.

The guys try to figure out what ever happened to Master P's kid. Jared is convinced he wrote his own Wikipedia entry.

After being diagnosed with gout Jared has made a concentrated effort to cut soda out of his diet. He goes on to relate his experience in becoming a recent coffee drinker.
The guys try and figure out the meaning behind a lyric in the Beastie Boys song "Intergalactic".

The guys explore the history of the Great Fire of Pittsburgh ,discover the history of the word "Yinz" and take a look at the career of local-boy-made-good, Jim Shearer.

Shawn's been digging on the artwork from the Tumblr site, Babs Draws.

Thanks for tuning in this week. Come back next week as Shawn and Jared keep trying to Figure It Out!

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