Figure It Out #20 - A Sweet Something

Not a hoax. Not an imaginary tale. Shawn Atkins and Jared Catherine are back with another brand new episode of Figure It Out!

Now on it's new day; Thursday!

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It's Shawn Atkins birthday and Jared celebrates with a story of getting older and having to deal with the gout, which isn't really related to being older but seems it.

Jared presents another installment of Pirate Round-Up. This time he discusses the Pirates April 4th smack down of the St. Louis Cardinals.
Jared's view from his seat at the April 4th Pittsburgh Pirates game.

Jared explains to Shawn his rationale for moving the show to Thursdays, which basically revolves around the upcoming mini-season of 24. Jared goes on to explain what a 24 fanatic he really and the guys explore the shows history.

Proud Papa Shawn Atkins gives the latest on what's happening with his baby daughter. As she approaches her first birthday, the guys look back at what it was like when she was born.  The guys also take a stab at figuring out just what exactly is breast milk.
 Shawn recounts a trip to Philadelphia where he visited the famous Rocky statue.

Jared tells a story about the time he saw N.E.R.D. in concert, meanwhile Shawn has never heard of Pharrell Williams.

This week's show winds down the way it usually does, Shawn and Jared discuss their current comics projects. Shawn is still hard at work on his Pepper Jones comic strip with his former Sequential Underground co-host, Nick Marino. Jared is still cranking away on Walrus 2, written by Brian John Mitchell.

Jared and Shawn also figure out the specifics for their potentially pending comics anthology idea, #Comics and solicit you, the listener, for your two cents on the matter.

Thanks for tuning in this week. See you back here next Thursday as Shawn and Jared keep on trying to Figure It Out!

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