Figure It Out #33 - A Term of Its Time

Shawn Atkins and Jared Catherine are on the rampage in a fresh new episode of Figure It Out!

This week the guys examine the latest details of the Kirby family's case against Disney and take a look at Marvel's pay scale in the early 80's.

Shawn talks us through a series of posters he recently created Pittsburgh's The Toonseum to promote their upcoming exhibit of original comic book art. If you feel so inclined you may purchase the set of prints signed by the MAN HIMSELF!!! 

After that Jared and Shawn try and figure out if Shawn gets comped tickets to the premiere or if he's gonna have to pay his own way into, in a round about way, his own event. (He doesn't)

Jared discusses some false starts he's experienced while working on his latest comic project The Expressionless. Shawn is a comic creating savage and knows nothing about making corrections or having to re-do artwork!

The guys continue down their artsy rabbit hole and find themselves trying to figure out what paper weight means. They have some wild guesses but that's about it. Jared is curious if the Bristol board he uses would take water color or not. If anyone has a clue, drop him a line below please!

Jared hips Shawn to the details on his college job, working for his hometown newspaper and tells him about the time he caused them to literally "stop the presses".

Now that Shawn Atkins has his computer back up and running Jared introduces him to an Adult Swim show he may watch at his leisure, Rick and Morty.

The guys also break down the latest Doctor Who trailer and end up having fairly detailed conversation covering all things the Doctor.

Thanks for checking in this week folks! Join us back here next week as Jared and Shawn keep trying to Figure It Out!

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