What the Talk #1 - Dustin Shoes

Those podcasting gangsters Gian Algarin and Jared Catherine are back with a brand new podcast, What the Talk!

This week the guys kick off the conversation by examining the notion of going back and re-starting life but with the knowledge of the life lived so far. It doesn't sound too shabby.

Just because the old show is over it doesn't mean the guys are done with 24: Live Another Day. Jared shares some thoughts on the final episode and what may have been.

The guys then take a quick look at the latest offerings from Weird Al Yankovic, including his spoof of the Iggy Azaela song, "Fancy", "Handy".

Gian remembers some spoofs from the Weird Al flick, UHF, namely the Ghandi II bit.

The guys get into a conversation about professional wrestling. Gian discusses an old wrestler named Typhoon who also had a brief stint under the name Shockmaster and remembers a ridiculous video from back in the day. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we have the video here.

After that, Gian and Jared take a look at the alleged leaked plot for the forthcoming Star Wars 7

While on the topic of movies the guys find themselves examining all the theatrical releases from 1997. Which in retrospect, was a pretty good year for movies.

Join us back here next week as the guys keep looking at the theatrical releases from 1997 and discuss whatever non-sense pops into their heads on the next episode of What the Talk!

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