Figure It Out #34 - Pointed A

Shawn Atkins and Jared Catherine are back with a hot new episode of the one and only Figure It Out!

This week, after the guys conduct some off-the-air business, Jared tells Shawn a story about trying to redeem a coupon for free tickets to a recent Pirates game.

Shawn is still working at the day camp and doing sketches for the campers. Jared is ready to fight a kid for Shawn's Happy-Batman sketch and compliments Shawn on his Ditko influenced take on Spider-Man.

Shawn has been digging on some Silver Age Aquaman stories. The guys take a look into the history of Aquaman's obscure octopus sidekick, Topo.

On the topic of comic books, the guys also touch on the career of famed comics illustrator Jim Steranko.

And while it's not an offical installment of Shawn Atkins Undiscovered Diamond in the Rough Artist of the Week, he does throw the spotlight on the work of cartoonist Jon Peters.

And finally the guys reflect fondly back on the early 00's phenomena that was Pimp My Ride.

Come back next week as Jared and Shawn keep on trying to Figure It Out!

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