Figure It Out #36 - What is People

Jared and Shawn continue to examine the mysteries of life in a brand new episode of Figure It Out!
Shawn finds himself recovering from a bout of Hand, Foot & Mouth disease compliments of his young daughter. 

Jared tells Shawn about his rather ho-hum trip to see the Pirates play the Miami Marlins this past Tuesday and the guys try to figure out when George Harrison played for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Naturally the topic of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice comes up given the recent news of the flicks moving it's release date. Jared continues his maligned defense of Man of Steel as well.

Shawn makes the argument that Superman can never kill. Jared doesn't quite see it that way, even if means turning down sexual pleasures.

Jared gets distracted by some breaking baseball news and subjects Shawn Atkins to a story about Marlon Byrd's man-boobs

Finally this week, the guys conclude the conversation with the usual talk about making comics. Shawn is slowly but surely chipping away at his Gello Apocalypse strip. Jared is still hard at work on The Expressionless.

Thanks for checking in this week! Be sure to tune back in next week as Shawn and Jared keep trying to Figure It Out!

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