Figure It Out #37 - Master of the Mystic Ox

Jared Catherine and Shawn Atkins are back with a fresh batch of organized randomness on a new episode of Figure It Out!
Shawn spent some time at the McKeesport International Village celebrating world cultures and successfully avoided the alleged "McKeesport Purge"

Shawn Atkins recently read the first voulme of Buck Rogers comic strips from 1929. He curiosity led him to discover a series of free audio books from LibriVox. The guys go on to learn that the character of Buck Rogers is from Pennsylvania and try to figure out why Buck's origin was changed from taking place in North Eastern Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley to outside Pittsburgh.

Naturally the guys would be remiss to not reflect on the passing of Robin Williams this past week. The guys take this opportunity to discuss their own experiences being creative types and dealing with the darkness that comes with it.

Jared returns with another installment of Pirate Round-Up. Jared saw the Pirates play the Detroit Tigers this past week, facing off against famed pitcher and Kate Upton dater Justin Verlander.

Jared found himself a bit stressed out and spread thin this week. He and Shawn discuss what they do when confronted by such situations and keep from totally losing it.

Finally, Shawn brings back a segement from his old podcast Gello Shots and gives a review of a collection of an old DC comic, The Witching Hour

Thanks for checking in this week. Stop back next week as Shawn and Jared keep trying to Figure It Out!

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