What the Talk #6 - F 'Em Both

Gian and Jared bring the ruckus on a brand new episode of What the Talk!
This week, Jared has been hard at work drawing a Spider-Man print for the upcoming New Dimension Pittsburgh Comic & Collectibles Show at the Century III Mall in West Mifflin, PA. He shares with Gian his struggles with creating a fan-art print to sell at comic book shows.
Jared also shares his Green Goblin theory when it comes to artists and their different styles.

The guys then move on to discuss the recent headlines being made by the spat of NFL players having run ins with the law. Instead of retreading the same ground (for the most part) that's been tread already, the guys bring their own take on the situation as far as NFL leadership is concerned.

Since Gian is a father, Jared asks for his insight into what is an acceptable form of discipline. *Spoilers* It doesn't involve tree branches.

While on the topic of football Gian and Jared get onto the topic of Penn State. Jared offers a scathing indictment of Joe Paterno that has nothing to do with diddling kids. Jared also goes on to discuss his personal philosophy towards silly arguments and the people who get into them.

While on the subject of social etiquette, the guys move on to that other hot button topic: tipping.

Thanks for tuning in this week! Join Jared and Gian back here in two weeks for a brand new episode of What the Talk!

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