Figure It Out #61 - Tran-scendence

Jared and Shawn are back with a bold new episode of Figure It Out!

This week the guys find themselves enthralled with the breaking story of Rachel Dolezal. Which leads the guys to question; is trans-racial really a thing? Despite what you may think they guys have a genuine discussion on personal identity.

After that, Shawn and Jared discuss making comics some more. Shawn has an issue with recent on-line articles discouraging indie creators from making their own superhero comics. Shawn discusses his plans for his own superhero comic; Thundergirl.

And finally, Jared finally got his hands on some of Freemont, Ohio's world famous Roots Chicken and let's us know what he thinks of it!
Thanks for checking in this week! Come back next time as Shawn and Jared continue to Figure It Out!

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