Figure It Out #62 - No Mouth-Shitting

Jared and Shawn are surfing the online airwaves on a brand new episode of the Figure It Out podcast!

Shawn is going to be appearing at Wizard World Pittsburgh this fall and Jared will be appearing at SPACE next month. Jared tries to get Shawn to tell the story about how his Wizard World appearance came about but he's not too keen on sharing the juicy details.

And Jared pretty much reveals why he never gets invited to do anything...

Jared tells Shawn about a hashtag he created for his hometown's minor league baseball team, The Willamsport Crosscutters.

All this and as usual, the fellas ramble on about some other non-sense.

Thanks for checking in this week! Come back next time as Shawn and Jared keep on trying to Figure It Out!

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