Figure It Out #63 - The Big One

Shawn and Jared are joined once again by Brian John Mitchell on a brand new episode of Figure It Out!

This week, the guys mix things up and talk about making comics!

Jared is going to be appearing at SPACE next month, an indie comics show in Columbus, OH that Shawn and Brian has appeared at in the past. They swap memories and give Jared an idea of what to expect.

Brian (left) and Shawn (right) at SPACE. Photos "courtesy" of SPACE.

Brian recently stumbled upon an old Atlas comics from the mid-70's, Phoenix...the Protector, which has inspired an idea for a comic collaboration with Jared and Shawn. The gang convene this week to break the story.

You can read the comic that inspired Brian here.

Thanks for tuning in this week! Come back next time as Jared and Shawn keep trying to Figure It Out!

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