Figure It Out #66 - Tim Kinkos

Shawn and Jared kick-off the holiday season with a festive new episode of Figure It Out!

With the holiday season upon us Jared and Shawn have decided to pretty much ignore it completely this week. In fact there were all sorts of ideas for this week's episode that were pretty much abandoned this week.

Instead, this week, the guys hearkened back to the spirit of this program's intent and just shoot-the-shit while working on their comics.
The bottom panel is the one Jared was working on during the recording of this episode.

Jared and Shawn have started watching Jessica Jones on Netflix this week. Neither of them are very far into it since they've both abandoned binge-watching stuff.
No idea yet if this scene appears in the Netflix series. Fingers crossed.

The guys also manage to fall down a Sally Field rabbit hole and discover the entire first season of Gidget is available for purchase on YouTube. Meanwhile, episodes of The Flying Nun are out there for free!
Feel free to check it out if you feel so inclined.

The guys also speculate blindly on copyright law. If you have any idea how that stuff actually works, please let the guys know. 

They also watched the trailer for the upcoming DC series Legends of Tomorrow.
This one you should feel inclined to check out!

Thanks for checking in this week! Enjoy your holiday! Come back next time as Jared and Shawn keep on trying to Figure It Out!

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