Figure It Out #71 - All About Helping Kids

Jared and Shawn are back with a Hall of Fame worthy episode of Figure It Out!

This week, Jared introduces Shawn to the cultural phenomenon that was Pro-Stars. A short lived 1991 cartoon series starring Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Bo Jackson.

Jared shares his progress on his one-page strip for the upcoming PIX publication. The guys discuss the proportions at which they draw their comics and share their preferences in art supply stores.

Jared posed for a new Artist Bio photo for his upcoming convention appearances. He shares the story behind posing for this gem with Shawn. The guys then fall down a Shawn Atkins related rabbit hole when they discover the list of the Top 25 Shawn Atkins on LinkedIn.

Eventually the guys get to their topic of the week. They read an opinion piece by an Artist Alley artist who railed against other artists doing "fan-art" prints. Shawn and Jared both have fairly strong opinions on the subject, neither of which coincide with the author of the this piece.

Thanks for checking in this week! Come back next time as Shawn and Jared continue to Figure It Out!

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